Supper Club

What is a Supper Club?

"Based on the old jazz club or speakeasy model, a supper club offers more than just your evening meal."

"...often held in people's home or other, sometimes temporary, venues that are not normally used as a restaurant." more here


What to expect

Hosting a maximum of 6-8 people, a meal at Locanda53 is the perfect way to escape the chaos of a normal restaurant.

If you have a party of 4 to 6 you can reserve the dining room for a private event.


How it works at Locanda53

Choose your menu, request a booking and we will get back to you as soon as possibile based on availability.

Due to the complexity of the menus we ask you to choose one menu for the whole table.

We strive to choose the best produce possibile, so we may make some small changes to the menu if we don't think something is up to standard.

If you have any allergies, intolerance or you are expecting please let us know with your booking request.